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Don’t you think that communication has become easier for users to communicate with their potential clients and customers by sitting anywhere in the world? The invention of amazing email technology has given the leverage to the users to communicate, chat, send documents and share images, just by a click. Though their number of email service providers, AOL being the most preferred web-based email service can be accessed using the standard internet browser or any mobile application. As there are millions of people using this software all across the world, this service is available in over fifty languages. In order to gain the most of this software, you need to know the minimum system requirements to access the email service properly. In order to access it easily and efficiently, users need to get in touch with the expert professionals at the AOL Customer Care Number. They are trained and qualified to deliver you the best solution for your query.

Features of AOL Email

As discussed above, AOL Email is a communicating software that helps millions to interact with their potential clients and customers. Apart from communication, it delivers a lot more benefits which you can surely avail after registering and creating an AOL Email Account. Once that is done, you will definitely come across the features and benefits mentioned below:

  • The limit for an email attachment you wish to attach to your mail is 25 MB.
  • The email un-send option allows you to undo any mistake while sending.
  • Blerk! Error while logging in to your AOL email account.
  • AOL users can link their accounts to other email accounts such as Gmail.
  • The advanced Spam protection on your account lets you filter emails easily.
  • AOL Mail allows you to store around 1,000 new messages and 4,000 old messages.
  • Your email account on AOL will support POP3, SMTP and IMAP email protocols.
  • AOL has built-in virus protection so that your device is always secure.
  • The spell-checking features help you proofread your emails before sending.
  • Your AOL Mail account supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) after login.
Common Issues of AOL Email

Despite its unmatchable features and growing popularity, users tend to face a few common issues while working on software like this. In order to overcome any of the below-mentioned errors, it is advisable to take the advice of the expert professionals at the AOL Customer Service Number.

  • Technical problems with sending or composing emails using AOL.
  • AOL sent folder contains emails that the users did not send.
  • Your AOL Mail contacts are getting emails you didn’t send.
  • Emails and messages are automatically deleted in AOL.
  • Forgot login username or password and cannot access emails.
  • Did not receive security code to reset an AOL email password.
  • Unable to sync AOL with your mobile phone or tablet.
  • AOL login page keeps crashing or becomes unresponsive.
  • Could not complete the image challenges when sending emails.
  • Email error and issues while viewing images in forwarded emails.
  • Unable to block or filter emails sent to your AOL email account.
  • Use POP or IMAP to sync AOL Mail on a third-party app or download your email.
  • Why is AOL email not working on the iPhone?
  • Fix problems reading or receiving AOL Mail.
  • How to manage spam and privacy in AOL Mail?
  • How to fix BLERK! ERROR 1 in AOL Mail?
  • How to solve GAH! ERROR 7 in AOL Mail?
FAQ’s of AOL Email
Did you forget the AOL email password? If yes, then you have to reset the password quickly so that you can get access to your account. You can reset the  password of your AOL account through recovery phone number, recovery email address and by answering the security question attached with your account.
  • Open your web browser and go to AOL email login page.
  • Here enter your username and then click on the 'Forgot password' option.
  • It will redirect to the recovery page where you have to enter the email address of your account.
  • Choose the method of how you want to recover the password.
  • If you choose the recovery phone number option, then you will receive the reset code on your phone number.
  • Enter the reset code which will be redirected to the new page where you have to create a new password.
  • Save the changes made and then click to logout from all the devices.
Are you witnessing error code 504 in AOL Mail? If yes, then you don't need to worry as it can be solved easily by following the steps given below:
  • You have to try to refresh your current web browser.
  • Now close and then reopen the webpage.
  • You can also use a different device for accessing your AOL email.
  • Try to uninstall and then reinstall your favorite web browser.
  • Check the proxy setting of your device.
If the error code persists, then you have to reach out to AOL Customer Care to speak with the experts so that the issue can be efficiently resolved.
Are you unable to open the attachment in your AOL email? If yes, then make sure to execute the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps in the order they are given:
  • Check your system by using antivirus software for any malicious programs.
  • Try to remove the cache and cookies data of your web browser.
  • You need to update the web browser to the latest available version.
  • Access your email by using the other web browser if your regular browser is not working.
If the problem persists, then you can get in touch with the experts for their help as they can resolve the error quickly.
For reactivating the already deactivated AOL email account, you need to know why your email account is deactivated. It can be due to the inactivity of your  account. However, you can reactivate your account by following the steps mentioned below:
  • Go to your regular web browser and open the AOL mail login page.
  • Here enter your username and password associated with your email account.
  • Now you have to click on the sign-in button to get access to the deactivated AOL email account.
If the error persists, then you have to call AOL Customer Service to avail the assistance of the professionals. This number will remain available at all 24 hours to help the users in need, and they can reach you at any time without any time and location constraints.
If you want to delete unwanted contacts from AOL Email Account, then you don't need to worry as it can be done easily. You just have to follow the below-mentioned steps to delete the unwanted contacts from your address book of AOL Email:
  • You need to login to your AOL email account by entering the correct username and password.
  • Once you have logged in successfully, then you need to click on the option of Contacts available on the left-hand side.
  • Now you have to select the contacts that you wish to remove from your contact book.
  • Click on the delete button, and then that contact will be deleted permanently from your AOL Email address book.
Why AOL Customer Service?

If you are facing errors while accessing your AOL email, then you don't need to lose patience as you can easily consult the experts by calling AOL Customer Service Number. You may be wondering why to call this number? Then the answer is simple:

  • The support number is available at all 24 hours within a day.
  • The team of professionals are highly qualified and have full knowledge about AOL email.
  • The experts will make sure to eradicate the error from the roots itself.
  • Technicians are polite and professional while dealing with the users.
  • The solutions suggested by experts are proven to resolve the error.

So, be it any error like Blerk error 1, unable to send an email, having problems while downloading the attachment. Even if you don't know how to reset the email password or you don't know how to create a new email account, then you can reach out to experts for their help as they are there to support you. The professionals will make sure to hear your query and then give you the best possible solution.

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